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A New Estate Agency Website

January 30, 2015

Coasty describe themselves as a refreshingly different Estate Agency in Pembrokeshire, and we’re happy to say we’ve been working with them since their inception a few years ago.

Towards the end of 2014 we were approached to take their (quite frankly) ageing website and give it a facelift, as well as coming up with new online marketing ideas and integrate an industry leading cloud based estate agency software package.

After working away for the past few months we’re here to announce the launch of “A brand new Coasty”.

The journey began with discussion about what the team at Coasty thought was the most important aspects of the site and business itself and from there we began the design process with those thoughts in mind.

The new website has been heavily integrated with their chosen, state of the art, estate agency package (Vebra Alto) which means that within an hour of a vendors property details being agreed and signed off, the property is live not only on www.coasty.uk, but also Right Move, Find A Property and many other industry leading websites.

We’ve also made it incredibly easy for visitors to enquire and contact Coasty throughout the website as well as included a cutting edge Live Chat system.

To see all these changes for yourself visit: Coasty.uk


Two new sites launched – The TBC and PAMBO

November 28, 2013

We’re happy to announce the launch of two brand new websites for a client of ours.


Since 2002, the Training and Business Consultancy Ltd (the TBC) has been at the forefront of management training and leadership development.


Work at Tremendous Marketing

November 15, 2013

Yes you read that right, we’re hiring!

Now is your chance to apply for a career with a company whose roots in internet and print marketing go back to the mid 90s. We’re a small but passionate team and we’re finding ourselves growing steadily.

Please read through the details below to see what positions we have open, as usual you’ll see what each job entails and skillsets desired in each role. Experience isn’t always essential as training on the job is generally given. (more…)


Cloud Hosting in Pembrokeshire

November 7, 2013

Today is a good day!

We’re happy to announce that from now on all our hosting packages include cloud hosting as default.

Back in February when I first blogged about the Tremendous Cloud we were still in the very early stages and were happy enough to announce that we’d partnered with a large Content Delivery Provider to allow us to power your sites with cloud based hosting.

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) can deliver your content to your audience significantly faster than traditional delivery methods. CDNs work by “caching” (or storing) content at locations around the globe, so that your website visitors can access your content from a server geographically closer to where they are, instead of waiting for that data to come from the regular origin servers.

Well we’ve now successfully taken our Tremendous Cloud to the next level, we’re using Cloud Technology to power every single website we host – whether it’s a small 3 page website or a monstrous 3,000 page e-commerce website, it doesn’t matter… you’ll be hosted on the Cloud. That means that we can easily set your hosting package to grow with you! If you’re expecting more traffic in the next few days due to a new product launch or major campaign, then that’s absolutely fine – let us know and we’ll scale up the resources allocated to your website.

For more information about our hosting packages call us today on 01437 772 753


Avoiding conflicts in jQuery – Using jQuery.noConflict()

October 3, 2013

You must have discovered the wonders of jQuery by now? I mean you’re reading this blog post about how to avoid conflicts with other libraries so I’m presuming you obviously have!

But if you’ve ever tried to use jQuery with another JavaScript based library then you may have run into one or two problems with the two languages conflicting with one another.

The problem arises because jQuery uses the $ (dollar) symbol as a variable for the code ‘jQuery’, and so do many other third party JavaScript libraries.

The solution itself is pretty easy, you can impliment one line of code that forces jQuery to relinquish control of the $ variable. (more…)